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3 Reasons to Fight a Criminal Charge with a Criminal Lawyer in Ontario – X-COPS

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Toronto, Ontario – Being charged with criminal offences can have life-changing consequences. And it’s not only about huge fines, insurance rates increase, imprisonment and losing one’s driver’s licence. This is about a criminal record that stays with them forever and changes their life upside down.

A criminal record in Canada entails serious outcomes, including the ability to be employed, travel around the world, immigrate or even adopt children. Generally speaking, having a criminal record means that one is missing many opportunities and cannot do the same things as those without it.

So, objectively, when charged with any driving violation involving criminal liability, it is crucial to have a criminal lawyer on one’s side to protect their rights and avoid it at all costs for several reasons.

1 – Protect one’s career

Of course, every case is different, and it’s difficult to estimate the influence of one’s criminal record on their employment as it will depend on the nature of their conviction, sentence and job type. Anyway, it definitely affects one’s career because there is still employment discrimination for those with allegations.

Employers have a right to deny to hire or fire a person with a criminal record (unless they received a pardon). They request a check of a criminal record for a job applicant.

For example, in Canada, if one is dreaming of a governmental job and has a criminal record, they’ll likely be denied, or they may be required to get a pardon (suspension of a criminal record) before applying for such a job.

2 – Maintain one’s ability to travel

A criminal record can restrict one from travelling to other countries, especially the USA, UK, Australia or other countries. Every country has its own entrance rules & requirements, but they consider such factors as a type of criminal offence and when it was committed.

American immigration laws are very severe for those who were found guilty of crimes: they won’t be allowed to enter the USA if they have a “moral turpitude” offence or offences related to national security, drugs, terrorism etc.; also, they can’t enter the country if they have more than one offence and their total sentencing time is 5+ years.

Keep in mind that Canada shares a criminal database with the USA, so they’re aware of all one’s criminal offences.

3 – Save one’s insurance

It’s not a secret that one’s insurance can deny to insure them or cancel thier insurance if they have a criminal record. Also, they can refuse to cover them or can claim higher prices or suggest reduced coverage.

All this involves additional expenses and increases one’s costs of living.

Hence, every time one is facing a situation where arises the possibility of getting a criminal record, seek the advice of a criminal lawyer who can guide one through the complicated legal process of their case and find the best defence strategy to get the most beneficial outcome possible.

X-COPS are ready to help with criminal charges and driving violations of any complexity

X-COPS is a team of criminal lawyers and paralegals with unprecedented experience in fighting traffic tickets and driving violations in Ontario. They deal with all traffic ticket categories (speeding, cell phone tickets, stunt driving, careless driving, etc.) and criminal charges such as DUI charges Ontario, fail to remain (Criminal Code), dangerous driving etc.

X-COPS already helped thousands of clients and got excellent results. Their criminal lawyers are working relentlessly to achieve the most advantageous outcome for each case and navigate their customers though the whole process to keep them informed about every step.

X-COPS provides FREE initial consultation and available even after-hours.

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