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George Jones To Launch “The Present Dad” To Help Present-day Dads Become Present

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A former professional NFL player and a devoted husband and father, George Jones is an inspiration to fathers of all ages with his upcoming book, “The Present Dad.” His story is both relatable and eye-opening with the aim to help present-day dads become more present and intentional in raising their children, regardless of their pasts. “The Present Dad” highlights the need for a lasting and deep relationship between fathers and children to avoid the negative impact of a fatherless home on children and society as a whole.

Based on a poll conducted by National Center for Fathering, it was determined that according to 72.2% of the U.S. population, fatherlessness is the most significant family or social problem facing America. Furthermore, the Center for Disease Control also noted that 85% of all American children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes.

Despite being part of the statistics, Jones carved his own path and chose to do better. He dedicates his life to fatherhood because he grew up without one. A fateful encounter with a gentleman who stood as the only father figure during his teenage years changed the course of his life, leading to huge successes in football and a charming family built on love. In his own home, he makes sure his children experience what he never had as a child. His children receive the emotional support they need AND he provides a hands-on approach at instilling in them the value of authentic relationships, discipline, responsibility, and respect for others, particularly women.

George Jones didn’t sulk about his past but instead used the pain and trauma of his life to change his present and future with his family.

Through his book, Jones hopes to encourage more fathers who are often feeling the strain of being pulled in two different directions by the demands of work and family life. He emphasizes that while providing financial support to children is necessary (the role typically assumed by fathers) they must not put aside the importance of building a close relationship with their children and providing them the mentoring they need to be productive members of society “As fathers, we have to ask ourselves, I am home, but am I truly home? When we can find a balance between the pressures of work and life while prioritizing authentic time with our children, we will shape the next generation to expect to be treated with dignity and respect,” said Jones.

The author highlights the importance of spending quality one-on-one moments with each of his children believing that by doing so, they will grow up into responsible adults themselves. “Time is precious and we cannot afford to waste any of it,” Jones added. To Jones, children are people, not objects; parents must give them the love and time they need and deserve right inside their own homes.

The book is filled with heartfelt and touching stories that will make parents, fathers in particular, re-assess the status of their relationship with their children and realize the value of precious moments spent with them. It’s time to make a change. Watch out for the launch of The Present Dad to become the best father your children so deserve.

To know more about George and his book visit his website:

The Present Dad
The Present Dad

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