Illinois influenza season ‘widespread’ as numbers double more than 5 years, health authorities say

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Amidst the coronavirus flare-up, health authorities report an expansion in instances of this season’s flu virus in Illinois and issue a new warning in the battle against flu.

The Illinois Department of Public Health said doctors are doing combating the bug at an alarming rate in spite of the mild temperatures.

Authorities didn’t hold back in characterizing the current year’s influenza in Illinois as “widespread,” in certainty they said influenza action for this season is more than double the average it has been in the previous five years.

The Champaign region has been hit the hardest. The West Chicago region and Cook County are likewise not a long way behind holding the second and third place in the state.

“The flu season this year has been pretty bad. [I’ve] seen a lot of cases. A lot of sick people have come in,” said Dr. Bob Needleman.

Dr. Needleman has been in the Stroger ER for six years and describes this influenza season as an extreme one – regardless of whether individuals have been acceptable about getting this season’s flu shot.

“It can be shortness of breath, it could be fever, it can be nausea and vomiting. A lot of different symptoms are presenting this year,” he said.

The Illinois Department of Public Health reports that as of February 1, the number of individuals appearing at health care facilities with a flu-like sickness has hopped up to about 7-percent of all patients versus the earlier year’s average of 3-percent. Those symptoms incorporate the patient demonstrating a temperature more prominent than or equivalent to 100F with a cough and additionally sore throat.

“Flu is a serious infection and people get sick from it, and the majority of people who get the flu are fine but there is that certain percentage that can get pretty ill,” Dr. Needleman said.

He additionally said for the current year is by all accounts hitting more youthful individuals harder than a year ago too.

Toward the finish of January, about 2,500 youngsters and 200 seniors came in with influenza symptoms. A similar time a year ago, those numbers were only 300 in the more youthful group and 100 seniors.

“The coronavirus is a really serious infection, something that is in the news all the time but continues to think about the flu. The flu season is still here and might go for another couple of weeks, if not months,” said Dr. Needleman.

The hospital said it is seeing more individuals come in wearing masks, which can be useful however authorities said people best defense is as yet this season’s flu shot. Anybody can get an influenza shot as long as they probably are aware they have a decent immune system.

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